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Application Instructions for Obtaining Documents from VTU

VTU has discontinued issue of documents by hand till further notification. To avoid travelling by students to apply for and obtain documents and to follow norms of social distancing (COVID pandemic). VTU has taken following decisions with reference to the issue of documents by Examination Section:

  1. Issue of documents by hand is discontinued till further notification.
  2. Applications for issue of selected documents listed below will be received by email as per procedure described below:

3. Documents will be dispatched in 7 working days by VTU.
4. If you have any queries you can visit FAQs at https://vtu.ac.in/en/onlinefaq
5. For issue of documents other than those listed in the table above, students can send their application by post/courier following the existing procedures and mention your phone number and email id in the application without fail.

NOTE: Applications will NOT be accepted by hand at VTU Regional Office, Bengaluru and VTU Headquarters, Belagavi

Procedure to Apply

  • Download the relevant application form from https://vtu.ac.in/en/online-fee-payment/
  • Pay the required fees by online payment using SBI Collect link on the above page.
  • Fill the application legibly with all required data (address and Online receipt numbers must be clearly written)
  • Scan the application and fee receipt. Use one of several mobile apps for the purpose to ensure legibiIity as welI as proper cropping of an unwanted portion of image.
  • Open your email and compose an email to examdocs@vtu.ac.in with information as described below:
    a. Subject of Email must be your University Seat Number (USN), and nothing else. If subject contains text other than the USN, it will be processed manually instead of automatically, which may lead to delay. Example: 2KL16EC021
    b. Body of the email must contain exactly 4 lines, with one piece of data on each line, as follows:
    I. Online payment receipt number:
    II. Amount paid in Rs.
    III. Mobile number
    IV. Document applied for. Example: Official Transcript
    c. Attachments: Duly filled application with signature, online Fee Receipt preferably in a single attachments with number of pages. If not possible to prepare a single file of all pages, attach the application, fee receipt and other attachments in sequence.
Sample Email Compose

Students Must Also Note The Following

  1. Emails will be processed automatically to enhance the speed of processing. Therefore, follow the procedure described above accurately and diligently. Any deviation from the instructions will result in the application being processed manually leading to delay.
  2. Do not send the same application email multiple times, this may lead to application being kept aside for comparison and verification, which will lead to a delay.
  3. The applications will be processed on a first come first served basis and no further correspondence will be entertained.

Circular 1
Circular 2

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