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VTU in association with IIT Bombay – Spoken Tutorial has organized Student Development Program on Scilab, Drupal & Python. These programs helps Students of B.E., B.Tech, M.Tech, MCAdepartments in their academic activities and also in enriching their technical skills. Students can enroll to more than one course. However the registration fee to be paid for […]
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VTU has released the official circular answering some frequently asked questions by Students, Parents & Colleges. Go through all the answers given by VTU and get a clarity, 1. Postponement of exams & Change in Exam Time Table/ gap between subjects The examinations have been scheduled as per the directions of UGC and State Govt. […]
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VTU has discontinued issue of documents by hand till further notification. To avoid travelling by students to apply for and obtain documents and to follow norms of social distancing (COVID pandemic). VTU has taken following decisions with reference to the issue of documents by Examination Section: Issue of documents by hand is discontinued till further […]
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VTU has released circular specifying the question paper pattern and instructions for August/September 2020 examinations. 1. For Regular Students: Students of Terminal Semesters of U.G and P.G programs have to answer any five full questions, irrespective of modules. 2. For Eligible Arrear Students: The question paper pattern remains unchanged as per respective scheme. 3. All […]

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Data Science is a vast field that is concerned with the extraction of information from structured and unstructured data, through means of algorithms, processes, and scientific methods. It can also be considered as the combination of Data Mining and Computer Science, i.e., the use of computer science techniques in data mining. Interest in Data Science […]
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Operating System SeriesPart 1: Introduction to Operating System & Generations History IBM invented the first operating system sold along with a computer in 1964 to operate its mainframe computer. It’s called the IBM Systems/360. FIRST GENERATION : 1945 – 1955 Computers based on Vacuum Tube technology. No standard operating system software. Typical program included every […]

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