VTU has released the official circular answering some frequently asked questions by Students, Parents & Colleges. Go through all the answers given by VTU and get a clarity,

1. Postponement of exams & Change in Exam Time Table/ gap between subjects

The examinations have been scheduled as per the directions of UGC and State Govt. The time table has already been published and students may visit https://vtu.ac.in/en/category/time-table/ for time table.

VTU said, It is not possible to give a gap between the subjects as the exams, (including backlog exams) must be completed before September 30. The time table has been notified a long time back and students have made their travel and stay arrangements, which will be disturbed, if the time table is altered.

The questions paper pattern for current terminal semester students is of open choice and students are required to answer any five full questions out of 10 questions.

For more information regarding this read: VTU Instructions for August/September 2020 Examinations

2. Non availability of notes with student

VTU has requested all colleges to upload notes, video lectures on their college websites. Students can request college for respective materials if not available anywhere.

Search for notes & previous question papers on VTU Connect Materials Click Here

3. Unable to fill exam form/ Unable to attend this exam / not satisfied with performance/ filled exam forms, but not able to attend

As per Special Regulations which is already announced by VTU on 23/07/2020, students may appear for next examination which will be considered as first attempt.

Students who wish to improve their performance are permitted to appear for exam next time, the same will be considered as first attempt.

4. Exam fees payment

Exam fees will be as per official VTU notification.

5. Online classes conducted for terminal semester

Offline classes were conducted till 14th March 2020, and online classes are conducted for the rest of the syllabus. Preparatory classes from 1st to 14th August 2020 were conducted online.

6. Submission of project/seminar/internship reports

As per VTU Special Regulations, Colleges were directed to receive soft copy. The College shall not insist for hardware and hard copies of the project report. All Viva-Voce based examinations where in viva-voce is the only component for SEE are to be conducted online.

7. Hostel Facilities

Colleges are informed by VTU to provide hostel facilities to students as per their request, following SOP.

8. Students appearing for examinations from containment zone / seal down area.

They are requested to show the exam hall ticket and students ID. We will consider the same as a pass for movement. (Refer to UGC Standard Operating Procedures Dated 8-7-2020 for more info)

9. Students appearing for examinations from Student from outside state

Apply on Seva Sindhu portal to get permissions. Link for Seva Sindhu Click Here

10. I am not eligible for 3/5/7 semester during 2019-20, will I be permitted to seek admission to next higher semester during 2020-21 or not.

As per clause 4 of Special Regulations notified on 24/07/2020 by VTU, students will be permitted to seek admission to next higher semester.

However, students must clear the backlog subjects within the next two examinations and gain eligibility as per vertical progression of University to get admitted to higher semester during 2021-2022.

11. Signature of Principal on Hall Tickets

Signature of Principal must be obtained to attend theory and/or practical exams on hall tickets.

12. Is it Compulsory to Apply for convocation?

Students may apply later, but will have to obtain signature of Principal/Gazetted Officer on their own.

13. Permitting student with COVID-19 positive to appear for exams.

Please refer to the Circular VTU/BGM/Reg./PS/2020-2021/385 dated 18/08/2020.

14. Payment of fee dues to College

VTU has already requested Principals of all the colleges to consider the individual matters sympathetically. The same has been already informed to the colleges vide Circular VTU/BGM/Covid-19 cell/2020-21/538 dated 9/06/2020

15. Mode of conduct of classes and commencement of academic year 2020-2021 for higher semesters.

As of now, VTU declared, Mode of conduct of classes will be through online and started from 1st September 2020.

Source: VTU Circular

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