1. Every student studying in all semesters i.e. 3/5/7 of B.E/B.Tech./ B.Plan and 3/5/7/9th of B.
    Arch and 3rd semester of MBA/MCA/M.Tech./M.Arch. and V semester MCA shall have to
    be registered with the University at
    https://prexamblr.vtu.ac.in/StudentRegistration/ without fail.
  1. Only registered students will be considered for ensuing examination application.
  2. Registration must be made by the college on behalf of students.
  3. The department credentials used in the prexam portal are to be used to login to the Student Registration Portal.
  4. The total fees shall be paid to the university as calculated in the Registration Portal.
  5. The scheme details of the students shall be entered diligently.
  6. Before entering the scheme applicable to the student (UG and PG), you are requested to go through all the applicable regulations, norms, circulars, notifications of University and also the link provided in the registration portal.
  7. Change in registration details may be permitted only after producing the proper and correct documentary evidence. However, the same may invite penalty fees.
  8. Any queries w.r.t. registration shall be forwarded to vtustdreg@gmail.com
  9. The Process shall be completed on or before 25/11/2020. It is also brought to the kind notice of the colleges that information uploaded in this portal will also be used for other purposes such as providing statistical information of students to various State, Central Governments and other apex bodies. Hence, all the details shall be entered carefully.
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